Our Story

Being a mother of 4, I had a hard time getting my kids to eat their vegetables. I tried to enhance the taste by involving the basic veggies into different dishes, but our little rascals always managed to pick out the greens. It was tough- and would more often end up in a battle of tears and tension. I felt as if all they wanted to eat were Oreo’s and lollipops...

My name is Cynthia Wylie. I grew up on a farm in western Pennsylvania. We had chickens, cows, horses, cornfields, and gardens galore. When I faced the issue of trying to get my children to eat healthy foods, I started making up little fables. My love for flowers and background in agriculture influenced me to make my stories with garden characters. Rosie, Lily, Big Red and Bud were inspired by my 4 kids, with stories that taught them valuable lessons and helped encourage them to eat their vegetables.

As my kids grew older, child obesity became a bigger issue throughout the US. Supermarkets became bigger, portion sizes grew, farms were being subsidized, and our food started to turn into a list of ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce…

Thus, I started to experiment with gardening in the backyard of my home in Venice Beach, California. I found out ways to grow fresh veggies in my my city home. I have held on to the bloomer characters since my first garden tale in 1996, and I wanted to find a way to incorporate fun into healthy eating. Soon my idea of fun gardening came to mind, and Bloomers! Edutainment came to life!

What is Bloomers! Edutainment?

Bloomers! Edutainment is a transmedia company with the main purpose to help children eat healthier. Transmedia utilizes a multi platform approach to teaching. With the ever-growing use of technology in our children’s lives, we wanted to use the entertainment value of technology to boost kid’s interest in the great outdoors.

Bloomers! Edutainment has multiple platforms – our online world, our gardening guidebook, and our Bloomers! Know + Grow kit.  Bloomers! Island   is an online community with mini-games and quests.   The gardening guidebook   is a comprehensive guide - full of coloring pages, puzzles, stories, and instructions - to our know +grow kit that is available as a comprehensive school curriculum program or at-home backyard kit.  The Bloomers! Backyard   garden kit is a compact, easy-to-use, all-inclusive garden station where your kids can plant, water, and watch as their veggies com to life. The Bloomers! Schoolyard program ties into the pre-k school curriculum and is designed for an average size classroom, incorporating gardening and plant life science concepts into the classroom.

We created a reward system for the 10-12 week program to help keep your children fully engaged.  Each mini-game, activity, and storybook complements the growing process of the vegetable. Achievement badges and reward points give your children the incentives to continue taking good care of their growing plants. Plus, the adorable Bloomers! Character’s are easy to fall in love with and provide the ultimate learning environment about how to garden and eat healthy for your child. Each one of our platforms can be enjoyed singularly, but together, create a fully enhanced program where children learn how to grow their own vegetables, feel good about themselves, and ultimately look forward to eating them! (A crazy concept, we know, but it works!)

Be A Bloomer!

Bloomers! Island is an exciting online environment where kids can go on a special quest, make friends online, learn how to plant and grow a seed, read stories, win games, win badges, and win a treehouse … they can be a Bloomer!

Grow A Bloomer!

Bloomers! Schoolyard program gives kids hands-on experience to reinforce what they are doing online. Children actually grow their own crop of vegetables with our curriculum which includes the Bloomers know+grow Garden, posters, and stories that teach kids how to grow a Bloomer!

Find A Bloomer!

Bloomers! Backyard encourages children to go outside and 'get their hands dirty' with fun outdoor projects. In addition, Bloomers! branded products that can be purchased by mom or dad encourage kids to plant and grow seeds. Points can be won online when kids take trips to botanical gardens and arboretums to find a Bloomer!

Our vision for your child is to propel excitement about the natural world from an early age, teach them a new way to play and interact with the natural environment around them, and ignite their passion for a healthier tomorrow.

Happy knowing + growing!

Cynthia Wylie
Founder, CEO