How should I plant my VeggiePOP!? 
Plant your pop in any garden soil (We suggest Bloomers! Wonder Soil ®), with the stick pointing up .  Ensure there is about ¼ of the VeggiePOP! above the soil line.  Pour about 1-2 cups of water at the point where the stick and POP join.
How should I water my VeggiePOP!?  How often? How long till I can eat my veggies?
You should water your VeggiePOP! daily.  Water your VeggiePOP! as you would anything other plant by pouring water directly onto the VeggiePOP!. Each VeggiePOP! flavor has its own special care need including when best to harvest your yummy vegetables. Check out your veggie on the "Planting Instructions" page of our web site for more detailed information!
How long till I see my Veggie?
The VeggiePOP! shell should split open within 1-2 hours.  The watering expands the soil and forces the VeggiePOPS! shell to open. If the soil inside the VeggiePOP! seems dry add another cup of water.  Once placed in a sunny and warm location you will see seedlings in about 3- 5 days.
What should I do if my pop doesn't open?
If your POP does not pop open after a few hours, simply queeze the POP along the line that separates the shells.  A little pressure is all you need!  As you push it open, add some water and the expanding wafer will do the rest!  This also works if the POP opens at the bottom (the opposite end of the stick)  
Don't worry if you get paint on your fingers - it is a nontoxic preschool tempera paint!
When should I transplant my POP?
If you plant in a POT: For the 6" Veggie Starter Kits, you should move your veggie to a bigger container when your veggie gets 3-5" tall.  If the outside temp is consistently above 50 degrees F (15 C), it is safe to move outside.  If it is still too cold outside, you can simply keep it inside.  Remember to pick a sunny spot when moving your plant outside! Most times, you will have multiple plants and it is a great idea to separate them when you transplant!
Remember: Root veggies (carrots  and radish) should not be transplanted
Why is my POT getting darker/ dirtier? Can I reuse the pot?
The LolliPOT! is made of eco-friendly material and lets air in to get to roots.  Water may pass through also, taking a little soil with it.   This is natural and to be expected. LolliPOTS! can be machine-washed with cold water, which will make them good as new and ready to use again. 
Why is there white powder on the top of the Bloomers! Wonder Soil ®?  
This is natural and to be expected.  Most indoor plants get a small amount of mold on the soil. An organic way to eliminate this problem is to sprinkle cinnamon on the top layer of soil. Now your plants are mold free and cinnamon fresh!
Are my VeggiePOPS! organic?
The VeggiePOPS! are made from non-toxic, recycled materials, worm casting and non-GMO seeds, but they are not organic.
Do I have to remove the pop casing once it opens and sprouts?
No, once your VeggiePOP! is planted all your POP needs is sunshine, water and love. 
Do I have to use Bloomers! Wonder Soil ®?
No, but we suggest it! Wonder Soil® is committed to reduce the international environmental carbon footprint by producing state-of-the-art expanding planting mixes that are peat free and save up to 50% water, space, freight, power, and labor. Wonder Soil’s ® patented mixes are 100% biodegradable and promote faster germination with stronger root systems, better growth, and healthier plants.
Is this product safe for pets?
Yes! Our office dogs were so confident about the VeggiePOPS! safely they have (unbeknownst to us) tested/eaten dozens with no ill effects.