Bloomers! Backyard

Bloomers! Backyard represents things a parent does with a child and not necessarily just backyard activities. Bloomers! Backyard can take place in the neighborhood park, a botanical garden, in a retail garden center, or even on a balcony or windowsill.

The benefits of Bloomers! Backyard are many!

Spend quality time outdoors with your child, with them enthusiastically digging in because they will be doing and finding things that will earn them points and pride on Bloomers! Island:

  1. Conduct Scavenger hunts for specific lists of natural things.
  2. Identify certain leaves, vegetables, insects and flowers.
  3. Take pictures to upload of the things your children find or grow.


Bloomers! Backyard promotes healthy living:

  1. Gardening is great physical activity.
  2. Children are much more likely to eat vegetables that they grow themselves with Mom and Dad.
  3. Plant a tree! It will provide more oxygen for the world.

Bloomers! Island provides an authentic connection between the online world and the backyard:

  1. Recognizes online achievements with real badges you can buy and stick or sew on.
  2. Official Bloomers! merchandise will get kids excited about going out and getting their hands dirty.

In Bloomers! Backyard, dirt is not a dirty word!


Click on the images to view backyard activities!

Finding the Rainbow      Mud Pie      Bloomers! Buddies      Treasure Hunt    


      Seed Spying