VeggiePOPS! Bush Bean - 3 Pack

  • $ 11.99

Bloomers! VeggiePOPS! is a completely new and unique way to grow your vegetables! 100% food safe and non-toxic, VeggiePOPS! are made out of our secret patent pending formula and process that includes biodegradable recycled paper pulp. The color of the pop corresponds to the vegetable seed within. Each VeggiePOP contains NON-GMO vegetable seeds and magical growing soil that fertilizes the seeds as they sprout. Both seeds and soil are from Department of Agriculture approved vendors. The VeggiePOP eliminates the need to sprout seeds, transplant seedlings, or use row markers! Just plant directly into the ground, add water, and watch as the VeggiePOP pops open and the seeds sprout in days.

  • Fun and easy way to grow vegetables!
  • Simply plant in sunlight and water
  • Includes NON GMO seeds and magic soil!
  • Grow indoors or outdoors
  • 100% food safe and non-toxic
  • Made in the USA